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Internet Services

There are four main types of Internet plans that you can choose from to suit your individual needs. There are Fiber Optic, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Internet, and Wireless Broadbrand. Each internet service provider will offer different services. When doing research on it, you’ll find that some companies will focus only on internet service and others provide the different kinds of connections.


Broadband Internet

Broadband is a fast internet connection that is always on. Having a fast internet connection like Broadband allows users to check and send emails, search the web, download music, images and videos all at a faster speed than dial-up internet connection.


High Speed Internet

A high-speed connection lets your computer access the Internet to surf the web, e-mail, and download at speeds that are 70 times faster than the download time of a dial-up connection. High-speed internet is also known as broadband.


Internet Providers

Some internet providers are large and well known, while there are some smaller companies with similar services. Some companies limit their service to providing Internet access only. There are others, such as a telephone or cable company, that may offer Internet access as a bundle of services. In order to make sure you’re getting the best price possible and a service that meets your needs, you should compare different service providers.

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